RoxyPic free online image editor

RoxyPic is a free web based image editor. It could be easily integrated into a web file browser, CMS or any other web application. All modern browsers are supportedRoxyPic is based on JQuery and JQueryUI libraries and it's compatible with all modern browsers - Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safary and Opera.

RoxyPic editor is Ajax based, and client interface is completely separated from the server-side scripts. All data exchanged, configuration and language files are in JSON format. RoxyPic has great performance - Ajax client-server communications without page reloading. RoxyPic distribution come with preconfigured and ready to use PHP server-side scripts.

RoxyPic image editor features

RoxyPic image editor screenshot

Simple and intuitive interface.

Image Zoom in and Zom out.

Image, selection and mouse pointer info panel.

Undo / redo operations.

Resize image

Crop image.

Flip image horizontally and vertically.

Rotate image.

High quality image output.

Save image on server or download it to your computer.

Multilanguage support.

High performance. No page reloading - all data is loaded using Ajax.

Custom server-side scripts and programming language. Comes with PHP implementation.